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general questions

How do I use this app with or without a virtual reality headset?
You can specify if you'll be using a headset or not before starting a simulation. For use without a headset, the simulation will play in "magic window" mode.

 Choosing to complete the simulation with, or without, a viewer in the pre-simulation checklist.

Choosing to complete the simulation with, or without, a viewer in the pre-simulation checklist.


How can I press the buttons in VR mode?
The white circle onscreen acts like your virtual mouse pointer, and it is controlled by your phone's accelerometer. Move the circle over the button you'd like to activate, and an outline will start to ring the outside of the circle. When this outline completely rings the circle the button will be "pressed."

 The outer ring filling up on the virtual mouse pointer.

The outer ring filling up on the virtual mouse pointer.


What's the best way to use the Minda headset?
Complete the device setup. Then, secure your phone in the headset before tapping the screen. Once your phone is secured, bring the headset to your eyes and use the thumb holes on either side of the headset to tap the screen and start the simulation.

 Putting phone in headset before tapping screen.

Putting phone in headset before tapping screen.

 Thumb holes on either side of the headset.

Thumb holes on either side of the headset.


Does the app require an internet connection?
Yes - completing the simulations requires an active internet connection.

What can I do if I'm having trouble logging in?
If for any reason you are having trouble logging in to the app, please email and we can help reset your account.


Simulation issues

The simulation is loaded, but the character is just sitting and staring at me.
This may be due to a slow internet connection. If the character does not start speaking within several seconds, exit the simulation and re-enter.

Can I change the answer I recorded?
If there's an error or mistake in the content of your response, please email and we can work with your administrator to determine the correct solution.

When I load the simulation, all I see are grid lines and a white circle (while using a headset) or grid lines (while not using a headset).
Your device may be pointing away from the simulation content. The app determines point-of-view based on where the phone is pointing when you first load the simulation. Try looking or pointing your phone in different directions to locate the content. You can also exit and re-enter the simulation, with your phone pointing in the appropriate direction, to reorient the point-of-view.

Can I use the viewer with my glasses?
Yes, most glasses can be worn while using the viewer. 

The simulation doesn't look right.
If the image appears to be "doubled" while using a headset and you're using a Samsung device, you may need to increase the resolution of your screen. Under device settings you can adjust your resolution to maximum. If you are not using a Samsung device but experiencing a doubled image while using a headset, remove your phone from the headset and rotate to portrait -- the simulation will continue in “magic window” mode.


microphone issues

The app is crashing when I try and record myself in the simulation.
If you're encountering a crash when attempting to use your microphone, double check that your device settings give Minda permission to use the microphone. On iOS open Settings and go to Minda>Permissions, and enable the microphone. On Android open Setting and under Apps>Minda>Permissions enable the microphone.

I can’t hear the characters speaking.
Make sure silent or vibration mode is off and the volume is turned up. If you are still unable to hear the characters speaking, please email

When I play back my audio it’s very quiet, or I can’t hear anything at all.
If your audio recordings seem muffled, quiet, or difficult to hear you may have been speaking too far from your microphone or covering the microphone with your hand. Please email, and we can help you to re-record your responses.


Self evaluation and peer feedback issues

I’m supposed to grade someone else, but it says it’s not ready yet. What does that mean?
Depending on your administrator's settings, you may receive responses to grade only after a specified deadline. When the deadline has elapsed, responses will be routed for grading. You can use the Refresh button to check for updates, or exit the module and re-enter to refresh the screen.

Can I change my self-evaluation or peer feedback after submitting?
Unless an error occurred during your submission self-evaluation and peer feedback grades are final, and cannot be changed.

When I try to listen to my peer's response I don’t hear anything.
First check to make sure your volume is turned up and sound is on. If you still cannot hear anything, your peer may have been too far from or covering up their microphone while responding. Please email, and we will work to resolve the issue.

When will my feedback from my peer be ready for me to review?
Once peer feedback has been submitted it will be visible to you. You can exit the module and re-enter to refresh the screen.