Divisive Diversity

Grapple with the difficulty in promoting inclusion to a broad spectrum of employees.
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The Superstar Myth

Answer pointed questions from two employees on the nature of sexual harassment at work and accountability.
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Off-Limits Dinner

Scheduled May 2018
Experience a professional dinner with a colleague that veers into unprofessional territory.



Scheduled September 2018
Examine personal reactions to differing leadership styles.

culture fit.png

Culture Fit

Scheduled 2019
Identify unconscious biases surrounding ideas about who fits in, and who doesn't.

diversity of thought.png

Diversity of Thought

Scheduled 2019
Work together with a virtual teammate from an underrepresented background to solve a problem.

agent of change.png

Agent of Change

Scheduled 2019
Practice intervening during an incident of workplace harassment.


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