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Our tools help researchers, educators, and innovators bring complex social issues to life. Together, we can build next-generation learning solutions that power discussion and lasting change.


Leverage experiential learning with minimal setup and an easy-to-use app.

  • The basics of skill training are simple: instruction and modeling, practice, and feedback.
  • Simulations can be viewed using an inexpensive cardboard viewer right on your mobile device.


case study

How we used virtual reality to increase empathy towards victims of workplace sexual harassment.

Graph: User averages for empathy, active listening, and supportive responding over the course of three fifteen minute training sessions.



Our thought-provoking experiences bring emotional impact and clarity to learning.

The feedback I got from Julie's body language and facial expressions gave me the emotional experience I might have had talking to a real person.

sara mann

It reminded me of when my female friends talked about catcalling. It was like, 'so this is what that's like.'

juan sosa

What amazed me was how something so simple could be so powerful.

alisa omi



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